A Statistical Approach to Determine Handover Success Using the Principle of Inclusion and Load Variation on Links in Wireless Networks

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Horace L KING
Urvashi Pal


Seamless Handover, Active set, pilot pollution


In this paper we present a statistical approach to establish a more efficient mechanism to predict handover success probability on a link in a wireless Network. We develop formulations that are used in the analysis to determine a more effective approach that reduces soft handover occurrences hence reducing unnecessary Network resource consumption. This approach can exploit the soft handover overhead metric and by optimum dimensioning can estimate the active set responsiveness using conditional thresholds set in a given service area. Furthermore, we analyse load variation and the value of pilot power in a given cell and the effects of pilot pollution in a dynamic traffic environment. Results of the analysis are presented for the probability of handover success and plots of signal strength variation on selected links using defined site specific formulations.

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