Published: 2015-03-09

The first issue of the Open Access International Journal of Information, Communication Technology and Applications. All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication.


Evaluating the Cascade Effect in Interdependent Networks via Algebraic Connectivity

Sotharith Tauch, William Liu, Russel Pears
Abstract 677 | PDF Downloads 11 | DOI

Page 55-68

Robust Cooperation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Anthony Krzesinski
Abstract 606 | PDF Downloads 8 | DOI

Page 83-95


Page 96-111


Page 128-142

Improving Remote Method Invocation via Method Authorization and Elimination of Registry: An Exploration of Java and Haxe

Michael Adeyeye Oshin, Matthew Olusegun Ojewale, Oluyomi Olufemi Kabiawu, Romana Challans, Kauna Mufeti
Abstract 548 | PDF Downloads 3 | DOI

Page 152-179